C/S Solar Shading

Dynamic and Fixed Solar Shading Systems

C/S offers 2 types of Solar Shading system, dynamic solar shading and fixed solar shading, providing flexibility of design and performance.

Dynamic Solar Shading - C/S Solarmotion

C/S Solarmotion is a dynamic solar shading system that tracks the suns movement to maximise the control of light and heat entering the building's interior. Solarmotion offers complete design flexibility whilst providing optimum heat and glare reduction for your building throughout the day. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, C/S Solarmotion is the future of Solar Shading.

Fixed Solar Shading - C/S Airfoil

C/S Airfoil is an aluminium solar shading system with all the required functionality you would expect to meet current legislation, and also with the design appeal to truly enhance and complement your exterior façade. C/S fin shaped blades with accessories allow full design creativity.